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1001st Hyper Tower

1001st Hyper Tower is roguelite FPS in "Prince of Persia with a plasma gun" setting. it's about jet powered foot, ex-bandit and her revenge.

7th Sector

Welcome to the 7th Sector, set in a mysterious cyberpunk world. Immerse yourself on this intricate path, solving different puzzles.

9 Monkeys of Shaolin

It's a story rich beat ‘em up with action-packed battles and deep character customization system in atmosphere of kung-fu movies of the 70s

Age of Silence

Age of Silence is a single-player first-person party-based RPG. Action takes place in a fantasy world, which was reborn after a cataclysm.

Arnold The Bounty Hunter

It is adventure according to genres like Beat 'em up/Shoot' em up/Platformer, where each level contains unique mechanics. Good luck, Arnold.


Arsonist is a frantic first person puzzler where you quickly plan your way through buildings while being chased by a trail of fire. Burn it!


Dive into a post-apocalyptic world with Isometric Action-MMORPG. Try to survive in barren among another players.

Battle Instinct

Battle Instinct is unique mobile-specific view of battlle royale game. Dynamic, fun and easy to kill everyone! But are u skilled enough?:)

BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre

BDSM is the first satirical action RPG where you get to play Lou, Satan’s son! Get some booze, kill the traitors, save Hell.


Action-RPG is inspired by the Zelda series!

Black Book

Explore a world of authentic slavic folklore as a young witch. Outwit the devilish forces and open all the seals on the Black Book

Black Circles

Black Circles — is a turn-based RPG, with unique battle system, that combines XCOM-style tactics and fps shooter elements.

Brightville Incident

The game tells the story of a teenage girl with special abilities trying to escape the government hunt for supernatural.

Broken Fingers

Is that new gameplay and unique experience? Try to solve our puzzles! Break your mind and hand. And dont cry if the game was rude with you.

Bus Driver Simulator 2019

Try on the role of a driver of a passenger bus. Take a ride in a real cities in Russia and Germany, strictly following the schedule.


Sandbox economic simulation game about class struggle.


Cat-o-Combo is a redesigned classic platformer from the 90s, where you have to take on the role of the ever cheerful Plexy the kitty!

Catch the Fish

Casual mobile game. Catch fish by a spring glove and avoid dangerous exploding, electric and spiky fish.

Cave puzzle

Match3-like game with Rpg gameplay. The player explores the cave and beats enemies in match3-like gameplay.

Cold War Game

Wargame strategy at the times of Cold War


Explore post-apocalyptic levels full of danger and fight enemy hordes to beef yourself up in a dynamic multiplayer 2D platformer Collapsed.


CyberCorp is a cyberpunk co-op online loot-shooter where you have to fight for the best future

Dark Chess

Test your skill and luck in chess with fog of war. New dimension of gameplay to the well-known game.

Death Crown

Death Crown is a minimalist real time strategy in 1bit style, where you will be Death sheself.


Defentures - nostalgic mid-core strategy. Lead your dwarfs, enter the guilds, became a thief, call the wolfs and watch out the tentacles.


DESERT KILL is a top-down roguelite action shooter where you have to destroy evil forces in the most brutal way

Despotism 3k

Humanity is enslaved by an AI… which is awesome, because we’re on the right side of the conflict!


In this game, you're playing as game developer and encounter typical problems like eating and sleeping.


Digitized OS is a suicidal virtual pet simulation & an existential adventure horror game set within a decaying operating system.

Dimension Breach

Semi-hardcore co-op top-down dungeon crawler.

Divide By Sheep 2

A math puzzle where you need to cut the sheep in half, feed the kraken with pigs, and collect souls for Ripper (he calls it "friendship").


Action platformer aiming for fluid combat and exploration in the course of a gloomy fantasy story.

Dot Liner

HyperCasual game in which you need to draw on the points for speed, in order to obtain a polygonal image

Dragon Maki

A game about the adventures of a dragon. A mix of light puzzles with an arcade.


DRAW CHILLY - a hell of an Arcade game, where Vladimir and his squad are gently raising the city from the depth of the Purgatory

Drunk or Dead: Legendary Party

Zombie virus is spreading out of VR – gather a party at any platform you want and fight evil sober undeads, now in co-op top-down shooter.

Dungeon Adventure

Keep adventuring and get your reward. Card game about dungeons full of monsters and chests filled with precious items.

Echo of Combats

Free-to-play tactical Online Collectible Card Game set in a fantasy world.

Elinor Defense

Single RTS survival game with fantasy medieval setting. Most of war gameplay conception with non-direct economy control.

Evac to Earth

Helping the colonists to escape from hordes of ruthless martian monsters. Action-platformer and tower-defense.

Evelston: Way of Devil

Adventure game with RPG element and turn-based battles.

Evening Star 2: Tide of Chaos

⭐Dark Fantasy Battle Arcade 2D⭐

FeArea: Battle Royale

Battle robots on a lonely island. Plasma, rockets, the roar of guns. Only one will remain, the rest will turn into smoking scrap of metal!

Fire Guild

2D game about Firefighters on the Balloons in the flying islands based world.

Flippin Kaktus

Action-packed pixel-art adventure in 1980s setting about unfortunate cactus who's urged to fight drug cartel to avenge his foster family

Frakktus - Endless Music Rhythm Arcade

Frakktus is an endless rhythm music arcade for mobile devices. Play with a brain probe, destroy your Mental blocks, comprehend the truths!

From Beyond

A single-player adventure horror game which takes you to the year 2044 in a mystical atmosphere of a futuristic dystopia.

Godlike Burger

Our game puts you in the shoes of one crazy chef who makes the best burgers in the Universe. Secret ingredient? The clients themselves!


Greed is a cooperative dungeon-crawler based on commercial relationships between greedy Knight and the Guide of the dungeon.


A party-based RPG inspired by JRPG of the 90s, featuring a tactical turn-based combat system and a grim story of war and personal choices.


Action RPG on wheels where you tear singing hearts of your relatives out from bosses.

Happy Donuts

Old game mechanics in a new wrapper. What if you are a clumsy worker? and you have to work with donuts!

Hellrider 3

HR3 offers a completely new story, gameplay and graphics, a bunch of unusual game mechanics, allowing to look at the runners from a new side

Heroes of Envell: Glorious

Your smartphone turned out to be a portal to a world where danger and adventures await you at every turn! Envell need your help!


Home is a 2D horror with a bias in the plot and player decisions

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Life-sized Hot Wheels in a futuristic racing competition – Infinite Loop! Real-time 4vs4 team multiplayer, crashes, stunts & breakneck speed

Human Recycle

Tycoon + Visual novel. Build the factory, make choises. inpired by: This is the police, Big Pharma, Papers, please.


Hyperforma is a dynamic arcade about investigating the ancient Network.

Hypnofrog versus the World

A solitaire card game in which an alien with psi-powers makes fantasy creatures battle each other until there is no one left alive.

I, Dracula: Genesis

Roguelike/roguelite isometric pixel-art twin-stick shooter, set in post-apocalypse.

I hate this game

I hate this game is a logic game, where gameplay changes every level. Solve crazy puzzles and use forgotten functions of your PC! Be attenti


A carnivorous worm simulator with an innovative control system and a charming atmosphere full of creepy crawly cannibalism.


Load and play your song in VR Runner. Catch or shoot stars and avoid dangerous areas: black holes, prominences, cosmic fog


JetX is an epic racing and arena game available on both PC and VR in 6DoF.

JingleKids: Paradise Island

Welcome to the magic world of JingleKids! Solve match 3 puzzles, restore the beautiful island, win precious prizes and meet new JingleKids c

Jungle Town: Birthday quest

Jungle town is a great place, where live six little friends. Today is an elephant's birthday, and friends are preparing him interesting gift

KeyArt Studio

Outsource company 2D / 3D graphics, full game development, game trailers

Knightmare Lands

3D top-down shoot'em up with a cartoon visuals and in a fantasy theme. Player is controlling a group of RPG characters with different skils.

Knock Harder

You have to get out of the multilevel dream. Death is the only way to Wake up. Guess when the dream is over, so as not to die in reality.

Koto Adventure

Koto Adventure is the first of its kind 1D Platformer mixed with Roguelike RPG and Match 3.


This story is about a single person who was unsure of the nature of things and the physical integrity of things around him.


Lanternium is an adventure puzzle game in which the main character - Raccoon find himself in a magical world.

Last Man In Space

A single adventure game about the end of the world and the assembly of the rocket at the Baikonur cosmodrome.


Ligmar - the first full MMORPG game in Telegram.

Loco Parentis

PC+VR co-op horror game, where you have to help a little girl find her mother and figure out what is really happening in your house and who

Lost in Sky: Violent Seed

Lost in Sky is an atmospheric action platformer. Plunge into a unique retro futuristic game universe enriched by deep storyline.

Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll

Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll: the new game by the creators of the legendary visual novel "Everlasting Summer"!

Mafioso: Gangster Paradise

Mafia's Mobster Gangs have taken control of all the cities around the world over the past decade. Make your own Mafia family, hire the best

Magical Monsters Online

Unique Match-3 with multiplayer and rpg elements, in which you compete with other players in the construction of the most difficult levels.


Novel-game, filled with sounds, animations and interactions with iPhone. It breaks the 4th wall and lets the reader to be part of the story.

Make your Kingdom

Low poly town building game

Maoru: Creatures

We pulled the fighting experience from our upcoming strategy game to bring you this stand-alone RPG brawler game

Metal Revolution

Metal Revolution is a cyberpunk mech theme 2D fighting game, offering an easily accessible fighting experience with deep gameplay.

Metal Sky

Fast and exciting online action (PvP dogfight side-scroller) with thrilling air combat and teamwork in post-apocalyptic world.

Metro Simulator 2019

Don't loose your unique chance to take a look at the subway system in a new way-now you can become a train driver in the real Moscow metro.

Mist Hunter

Mist Hunter - is a blistering fast, sci-fi fantasy rogue-lite shooter inspired by Hexen and Heretic.

Mittelborg: City of Mages

The turn-based saga Mittelborg: City of Mages is a wild mix of roguelike, strategy and survival, with emphasis on decision making.

Modern Defense HD

A game that pits you against hordes of enemies constantly attacking your base. There are dozens of levels to get through and you need to do

Money Run

Money Run is a comic book story driven arcade that pushes player to the atmosphere of vintage noir, dark humour, gangsters and corruption.


Shoot plasma, kick enemies off the cliff and fight the abyss gazing into you.

Nawia: between the living and gods

Nawia is a sidescrolling game of action, platforming and puzzles, where you play as Magus, who is summoned into world of spirits.

Necromancer Returns

A turn-based strategy game. The world of a fantasy kingdom has been thrown into disarray by the return of the Necromancer

Neon Climber

Runner for iOS and Android about rogue programs looking for shiny stuff in cyberspace.

Neon Glide

Challenging retro-wave style endless VR runner

Neon Maze

Neon Maze is an atmospheric casual game with indirrect control. Solve puzzles, avoid traps and find a way out of Neon Maze!

Neon Vengeance

Cyberpunk meets Police Story. Little bit of Quest, Shmup and Beatemup. Estimated play time 10 minutes. 0 continues used = Alternative ending

Never Again

The main essence of the game is research locations and puzzles, plunging in the drama horror story of a little girl suffering from asthma.

Nevrosa: Primal Ritual

Primal Ritual is an Adventure Open World game with RPG elements built for VR. Explore uncharted Mist World, fight monsters and explore.

Night is coming

Simulator settlement with Hero mode


Exploration game which takes place in your mind.

One Gun: Cat

The age of weapons and sword. World of One Gun was attacked by evil monsters. The fate of the world hangs in the balance!


Ornamental it's a hypnotic abstract hyper casual arcade where you need to destroy enemies while unfolding beautiful animated backgrounds.


O.R.X. is a dark fantasy strategy game inspired by the tabletop genre and king of the hill. Are you the king of your castle?

Owling. Crowling. Bowling!

Amazing VR bowling with story-mode for children and adults! Take part in an incredible magic school bowling tournament!

Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2 is a narrative-driven dramatic thriller about fighting a deadly outbreak in a secluded rural town.

Penguin Swap

Match cute Penguins, look for hidden objects, participate in game fairs and have fun!

Phobos 2089

A fast-paced tribute to FPS all-time classics, re-imagined for modern mobile experience.

Pick Blast

Fantasy match-2: twice as fast and more than twice as fun as your classic match-3. Team playing mode and a baby dragon help.


A game based on ancient Slavic mythology. In the game you can use magic with the help of neurocomputer interface.

Project: School

Open-world magic school, explore the secret passages and uncover dark secrets of the school and its residents.

Ragdoll Rage: Heroes Arena

Ragdoll and fun. Crazy 2D side-view PvP multiplayer shooter. Ragdoll physics, deadly fights among the traps and tons of fun!

ravenhill® hidden mystery

New hidden object game from the creators of the hit Seekers Notes.


REALBOT: THE GAME - is a intense, action fighting with robot constructor, big post-apocalyptic world, storyline and muliplayer.

Redneck Ed:Astro Monsters Show

2D adventure, fighting game with elements of platform and metroidvania.

Risky Wings

Intense flying game where you score points by flying risky


Rubico is a turn-based tactical game with RPG elements in the steampunk setting.

Santa's Christmas Dance

This game is similar to guitar hero. Santa and the deer are dancing on Christmas Eve – the player will need to tap notes

Saturated Outer Space

SOS is a Sci-Fi adventure with branched storyline. The game combining space flights and tactical turn-based squad battles (like X-COM).

Save Koch

Someone wants you dead. What will you do to save yourself?

Scale of glory

A fairy tale about saving a princess from the clutches of an evil dragon. The game pays special attention to the mode in AR.

Sci Fi Tower Defense. Module TD 2

Tower defense with countless strategies and highly customizable towers. Tower consists of modules which user collects and crafts.


Old-man's sorrow adventure, inspired by the era of post-expressionism, in a mixed setting of Ancient Russia, Iceland and Fantasy.

Shoot and Hook

Try to make good use of your hookshot to murder as many enemies as possible while spending as little time on the ground as you can.

Shores Unknown

Shores Unknown is a single-player turn-based tactical RPG featuring a gridless combat system, rendered in a rich, low-poly aesthetic.

Sin Slayers

Sin Slayers is a turn-based roguelite pixel-art game about the fight of the sinners against their sins with elements of dungeon crawler.

Skull Story

Follow the adventures of the Skull and the Fairy in a portrait-oriented, physics-based underworld story.

Sky Land

Hyper casual match 3 collection. Fantasy setting. Big pumpkins. Talking cats. Design to play with one hand

Slay Clay

Clay and telekinesis - all you need to have 2D trash bloody slasher! Clay(Plasticine) is game material.Telekinesis is your weapon.

Space Robinson

Action sci-fi 2D roguelike like Nuclear Throne


Tactical adventure inspired by XCOM and legendary sci-fi novels. Lead team of space rangers, outsmart alien monsters and discover secrets of

Spirit Riders

Spirit Riders is adventure arcade with RPG and strategy elements.

Star Miners

Star Miners is a mobile hero-tower defense game about space miners. Protect your moon colony from hordes of aliens!

Starfall Online

Starfall Online is a MMO real-time strategy with wargame elements, that mixes intense tactical combat with in-depth spaceship customization

Stories: Your Choice

Stories: Your Choice is a collection of interactive stories for mobile devices. These are stories in which player, roleplaying a certain cha


Together with Henry Richman go on an endless adventure through an oddly boring life of a casual office worker.

Swag and Sorcery

Build your own fantasy village, create and equip your characters and send them to collect swag in Swag and Sorcery - a new streamlined RPG.

Tensei Monogatari

Travel the world in which the transmigration of souls is possible. The tale will be told from different sides in the classic RPG world.

The Abyss

The Abyss is a gaming platform with versatile social features and earning opportunities, designed to be your sole gateway to MMO universe

The Darkest Red

TDR is a hack'n'slash game in a dark fantasy setting, where you have to fight in co-op with your true wolf mate against hordes of monsters

The Executioner

The Executioner is a grim, occasionally cruel game that takes place in a Kingdom on the brink of revolution.

The one story. Inky

Even if you are a court jester, this does not mean that they will not want to kill you...

The Tavern of Magic

CCG/PvP Arena and Dungeon Crawler for VR

The Uncertain: Light at the End

InThe Uncertain: Light At The End we will see post apocalyptic robot world through the eyes of one of the survivors: a girl named Emily.

There Is No Light

"There Is No Light" is a dark pixel slasher that presents the subway as a Biblical Purgatory.

Through the Nightmares

Sandman wanders in the world of children's nightmares. His goal is to find and rescue the child from a trap the almighty Morpheus.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Find answers of a town mystery in the game with escape the room mechanics

To Get There

A puzzle game about the importance of being together and saving own integrity.


A charming, hand-drawn return of 2D beat'em up genre - mixed with roguelike elements, 4-player co-op and a dash of shaman witchcraft.

Tuning Club Online

Realtime multiplayer racing game


Side-view multiplayer shooter about planes in a dieselpunk setting


Ved is set in two worlds: science and magic. It belongs to two genres. A colorful platformer meets an exciting quest with multiple choices.


Freeform combat multiplayer game inspired by «Jedi Knight» series. Set in a grim sci-fi world, it redefines classic gameplay in UE4.

Voice of Steel

Voice of Steel is an online robots fights simulator, in which you can create your own movements for your robot.

War Selection

Historical classic RTS with Battle Royale mode, where game fraction is chosen on-the-go. Up to 62 players in one match fight on a random map

while True: learn()

A puzzle based on machine learning principles where you get to be a programmer and build a cat-to-human translation system

Who Shot The Sheriff?

It's a dynamic Run'n'Gun game for mobile platforms in steampunk setting. Simple and fun to play!

Wild Card

Multiplayer Card-based reaction game with small strategic thinking

Wild Geese

Exciting online turn-based tactics with the best soldiers!

Will And Reason

4X-strategy game with a procedural world and a complete customization factions

Wind Rose

Wind Rose-game on PC in the style of steampunk and real events on the theme of the 17-18 century, in the genre Action / RPG / RTS / Sandbox.

World of Machines

Third-person multiplayer 3D shooter. Open your browser and take part in dynamic battles in the midst of the chaos of high-tech war.

Yedoma Globula

3D fractals exploration sandbox game.

Zombie Survival: Run nd Gun

Runner in Zombie setting, where you can kill zombies with different weapons.