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1001st Hyper Tower is roguelite FPS in "Prince of Persia with a plasma gun" setting. it's about jet powered foot, ex-bandit and her revenge.

30 Seconds To Jail

An indie game about cops, drugs and Bob Marley where you have 30 seconds to hide your drugs.

9 Monkeys of Shaolin

The true rebirth of iconic brawler genre in vein of old-school video games!

Adventure of Solar Dance

Arcade shooting game with elements of adventure


Alchemy is a tricky and unique puzzle game made in medieval setting. Move liquid drops around the field and try to collect them all.

Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest

One night Death made a mistake and came to a blogger Angelo. He decides to make great blog and now Angelo must go through Hell and get back

Animal Village

Decoration match-3 game with a casual, funny storyline. Modern art and juicy animations!

Art Of War 3: Global Conflict

Free MMO strategy game with classic RTS-style battles.


Enjoy massive battles between human and alien forces in a VR co-op shooter!

Beasts Battle 2

A turn-based strategy game. The world of a fantasy kingdom has been thrown into disarray by the return of the Necromancer.


Action-RPG game is inspired by the Zelda series.

Beep Boop Bots

Mind-splitting puzzle with simultaneous control of two robots on different boards filled with stuff.

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre

BDSM is the first satirical Action-RPG where you get to play for Lou, Satan’s son! Get some booze, kill the traitors, save Hell!

Bing Han Garden

Combination of math-three and farm simulating genres. Made together with Bing Han company - leader in ginseng distribution.

Bio Breaker

It''s game about pilot, which enters the body to destroy all diseases. Game itself represent an arcanoid or brickbreacker in Bio-sci setting

Bon Voyage

Free-to-play match-3 game about traveling, released on Adnroid, Facebook, VK, OK, and Yahoo Mobage

Bowling by Jason Belmonte

Ignite your passion for bowling with the first bowling game experience that the pro bowlers say “rivals the thing”.


Here is 100% original, single tap, v-scrolling, skill-based game of a Box jumping through a bunch of worlds to find his Boxy girlfriend :)

Brutal Runner

The desert of death calls you to fight against evil and demons! Take the challenge and test yourself!


Possibly the best Arkanoid ever! Destroy the blocks and don’t waste your balls.


You’ll see RPG the other way around: choose diseases instead of skills. Survive in the world of limited resources and constant danger

Bus Driver Simulator 2018

Try on the role of a driver of a passenger bus! Take a ride in a real city, strictly following the schedule.

Button Cat

Button Cat is an match3 puzzle game in needlework setting

Candy House

Super-casual puzzles with "Tamagotchi"-meta. Puzzle-core has modes and "Tamagotchi"-meta has quests, decoration.

Candy Words Game

The history of these amazing Islands is deeply rooted in the bottom of the World Ocean! Help the octopus Andy in this amazing adventure!

Catgirl Cocoa, a Fantasy Item Shop Tale

Nekopara meets AdVenture Capitalist, Recettear & Lineage.

Cats vs Pigs: Battle Arena

Fun competitive asynchronous multiplayer action game with humorous setting, cute graphics and exciting a-la Angry Birds shooting controls.

Charge It

Help cute robots delivery box and get to their charging stations!


Arcade shoot'em up about Chewbrick, who's trying to defend his cubic planet from strange spherical alien devourers

CHIP: Rescuer Of Kittens

Retro-style metroidvania about a space rescuer of kittens


Learning Russian reading skills, for children aged 3-7, with fun mini-games in a magic land adventure and syllable teaching method.

Crazy Bugs

Crazy Bugs-pvp-runner where the bugs compete in the race using weapons in different location


Cubemania is funny logic game where you build various figures using small and cute cubic critters.

Dawn of Civilizations

4X strategy allowing players guide their nations from clubs to nuclear bombs


Fast-paced brutal top-down 2D shooter in best traditions of DooM and Quake.

Deck of Ashes

Time to escape this cursed land! Forge a deck of battle cards and defeat the monsters in your way. Beware, each card can only be used ONCE!


Defence mid-core game. Lead your dwarves, help them to reach treasures. Choose their tiers, use magic and upgrade global skills.

Diesel Guns

"Diesel Guns" - is the multiplayer arcade car combat game with a very dynamic fast-paced gameplay, intuitive controls and tons of fun.

Don't Break The Robot

Help the robot Sparklet to repair the broken space stations. Difficult paths and various obstacles will cause the brain to break.


Racing down a mountain in a car with a bunch of fun puzzles. Downhell is an unusual game about saving a cat but without rules!


Meditative arkanoid. Light up fireworks in a magical castle. Adorable dragon knocks out items with fireballs and face the big old owl!


Drawing on the screen entertains the child, brings them joy and happiness.


You play as Vladimir - the immortal machinist, and you draw your city from the underworld very carefully and chilly.

Draw Rider

Draw Rider - one of the best arcade racing on iOS!

Dungeon Card Hero

Card Hero is a simple to learn engaging dungeon card crawler. Discover mysterious dungeons, fight with evil forces, unleash your power!


This is a game about the restoration of gnomes’ Kingdom, which is realized by means of game mechanics city-builder (-s) and farms.

Dwarves - elevator simulator

On the kingdom of dwarves attacked dangerous crocomants - a mixture of crocodiles with necromancers. Drive elevator, EAT! FIGHT! MINE!

Edora. Legacy of Giants

Warfare and economic strategy for mobile devices

Egypt: Old Kingdom

Strategy simulator of the Great Pyramids period made in collaboration with Egyptologists.


Oldschool isometric RPG in sci-fi and post-apocalyptic settings. Deep story. Vast exploration. Challenging combat. Early Access - Q1 2019

Endless Space Odyssey

Encountered aliens’ threats people of the Earth initiated a number of exploratory expeditions into the Deep Space.


High speed naval arcade multiplayer shooter

Evelston: Way of devil

This is an adventure game in the fantasy genre with turn-based fights. Find what happened in this world.

Evening Star

A 2D Battle Arcade timekiller in retro pixel art style. Enter a fairy 8-bit world and embark on a journey of epic adventures!


Faces is like Valiant Hearts, also has a good storyline, but not so casual, more about puzzles, arcade mechanics, mini games.

Fading space

Take one part of Star Wars, one part of chess, add jigsaw puzzle elements and a spoonfull of sarcasm and you'll end up with Fading space.

Family Age

It's a farm game with a strong story and a lot of unique mechanics. Help prehistoric family to build a happy life.

Fantasy Beast Football

Unique puzzle game. Football, tactics, traps and goblins! Forward to victory!


Far-Out is a retro-futuristic first-person survival adventure with full freedom action and multiple endings.


Adventure-type science fiction game for VR with focus on cooperative walkthrough and on the use of the characters’ special abilities


Tactical turn based strategy game on with deck building and innovate mechanics. Synchronous PvP, one match time 2-5 min.

First Feudal

Medieval top-down view colony simulator. Become a feudal lord, develop your settlement and defend yourself from the outlaws.


Fish & Frost is a winter fishing simulator. All who love fishing have to go to the ponds in search of a large fish.

Flirting with a cup

Visual novel. Story begin in ordinary kitchen as an adventures of marshmallow bunny, who fell in love with a cup of coffee.


Game about aviation battles.

Forbidden Game

Fair free to play collectible card game in dark fantasy setting.

Forgotten Legendz

Dungeon Crawler with turn-based combat and breaking bones.


Tactical first-person shooter with RPG elements, events that unfold in the dark world of cyberpunk-future.


Third person tactical action in flag capture mode. Confrontation of animals and people in the fight for the cookies.

Game Lynch Simulator

Get a chance to play an expert for a game lynch! Win 3 times in a row to destroy an indie!

Game Shop Tycoon

Game Shop Tycoon is a simulator of video game shop. The player starts from scratch his own video game and consoles business.

Garage Story: Craft Your Car

Garage Story is your first casual rendition of sandbox game mechanics applied to automotive industry with a slight tycoonish touch.

Grandmothers Effect

Be a good grandmother. Make plots, use magic and trickery. Save kingdom, manage granddaughters. Preferably both. Play your cards right.

Great Master Of Dragon

This game is a mix of two genres: CCG(TCG) and Fighting. You must learn new skills & combine two parts of scrolls to activate it in the duel


a sci-fi game with programming elements working title


As if Mad Max raped Zelda with a hook. Action-RPG on wheels in a world where androids celebrate Burning Man by burning humans.

Grow Beets

Hatch funny Beet Buddies, feed them, dress them, tap on drum and grow endless fields of Beetroots!

GROW: Wild West

An interactive cartoon with puzzle elements in a world of wild west, where player needs to use his logic to fully develop a gold-mining town


Old-shool'ish trucks'n'guns action with rogue-like elements and dynamic difficulty will show you wasteland from a new angle.

Headshot VR

Multiplayer shooter for VR

Hell Road VR

Hell Road is VR motorcycle riding simulator in the post-apocalyptic world.

Hide Online

Hide Online - an addictive and thrilling multiplayer Hide and Seek action-shooter game in popular Prop Hunt genre.


Isometric twin-stick slasher. Enemy combinations affect their behavior, forcing you to change battle tactics.

I, Dracula: Genesis

Roguelike/roguelite isometric pixel-art twin-stick shooter, set in post-apocalypse.

Imperative: Deadline

Singleplayer mix of RPG and FPS. Fight with guns or change form to different animals & monsters. Escape, kill, side with humans or aliens.

In Bloom

The plot of the game - a beautifull Princess girl on a quest to gather her flowers. Connect flowers to create "snakes". Replace all "snakes"


A carnivorous worm simulator with an innovative control system and a charming atmosphere full of creepy crawly cannibalism.


INSOMNIA: The Ark – a complex story-driven RPG about the degrading remnants of human society attempting to survive on an abandoned spaceship


Adventure raccoon with a magical lantern, full of interesting puzzles built on a combination of colors.

League of Kingdoms

Turn-based classic strategy

Learning Games 4 Toddlers and Kids

By playing with fun fruits and vegetables, your child will train their memory and develop their attention span and logic!

Leo and Tig

A heartwarming adventure game set in a mystical forest. Play as one of several characters, learn about nature, and develop logical thinking.

Liberator TD

Liberator TD is a glorious mix of tower defense and top down shooter genres set in a sci-fi world.

Lordmancer II

A mobile MMORPG with an open market where players can trade for cryptocurrency

Lovecrafts Untold Stories

Unique action rogue-like game for PC that brings back to life the world created by H.P. Lovecraft of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Lucid: Knock Harder

A game about multilevel dreams, headcrabs, suicide and fun leprechaun. Try not to perish, even if you need to kill yourself dozens of times.

Lullaby Mars

Almost Terraformed Mars. This is critical moment for human kind. Our hero seeking for truth about mystery colony lost.

Luxury Sky Casino

The Casino for those who like to play slots, bones, blackjack and bet on sports. More than 40 games, many tasks and competitions for players

Make your Kingdom

Start to build your new story, or amazing kingdom or not, in this city builder game

Marvex tournament

The Marvex Tournament is a fast racing battle for the first place. Rockets, machine guns, flamethrower, lighting, acid, crio weapons!

Match the Penguins

Match cute Penguins in rows of 3 or more and use powerful combinations! Look for objects hidden on the map and have fun!

Memories of War: The Sisters, the Sorrow and the Rising Sun

The story of how to retain humanity despite the war. The story of love despite the fear.


Mercenary is an isometric stealth game. You have to plunge into the Middle Ages and solve a lot of puzzles while avoiding the castle guards

Metal Sky

It is PvP game about war planes. Player chooses three planes from her collection and joins 3 vs 3 fight. Shoot planes or bomb base!

Mysterious Forest

Horror match-3 game with deep immersion to the atmosphere and storyline.

Mystery of Egyptian Gods

Plunge into the mysterious world of ancient Egyptian Gods! Lots of levels, challenges and deserved awards are waiting for you in this game!

Naked Sun

Naked Sun is a fast-paced futuristic VR shooter, with the player constantly moving.

Navie: between the living and gods

Fight evil in the magic world Navie. 2.5D Action-platformer/Slasher.

Neon Climber

Runner for iOS and Android about rogue programs looking for shiny stuff in cyberspace.

Neuro Bit

Atmospheric runner with groovy neurofunk rhythms. Player jumps on platforms, changes the color, unlocks new color levels and characters.

Never Again

The main essence of the game is research locations and puzzles, plunging in the drama horror story of a little girl suffering from asthma.

Night is coming

“Night is Coming” is a survival and building simulation in dark fantasy world with RPG elements.


ODA is a 2d puzzle-platformer in retrowave style. ODA is: unusual swap-mechanic, complicated puzzles & challenging action scenes.

One helluva day

Self-centered CEO trying to save his company from bankruptcy forced to rescuing whole town from impending disaster.

One person story

Can the game be a symbol of the life? Friends help, doors stop our movement, we must think and resolve difficulties. Is it a game or life?

Owl Advanture

Classic Match 3 games in steampunk style.

Paper Light

Puzzle-platformer about a paper light-box world. Player moves lights to manipulate shadows, what he can walk on, like they were solid.


3D Puzzle

Pirate Round

A pirate multiplayer shooter where you take part in fierce PvP battles on board sailing ship.

Plane Escape

Your mission is to bomb the targets. Try to hold on as long as possible.

Police Stories

Police Stories is a a fresh take on top-down shooters that puts an emphasis on tactics and forces you to make split second decisions.

Populus Run

Control the running crowd. Get to the finish line with at least one dude.


Join Cultists, Slavers or Railwaymen to find allies against ominous Transnational corporation on post apocalyptic wasteland.

Private Line

Slavssya Sowoke, officer! From now on you're a government investigator on service of totalitarian state in the middle of 20th century.

Project: Magic School

Your final day in a Broodwick Magic School will repeat itself over and over again.. until you solve school mystery and pass the final exam.

Project ZOMBIE

Project ZOMBIE is an amazing postapocalyptical game where you must kill zombies to survive. Take revenge on the humanity for everything.


Puzzle adventure game where everything is done by the cute cats and you control them with the laser pointer.

Renegade Agent

Welcome to a world full of conspiracy theories, secret operations, stealth missions and unsolvable ciphers.

Rift Keep

Enter the harsh world as an imprisoned spirit inside a mortal body in the challenging pixel art platformer.


side-scroll arcade about walking biped robot where player controls every leg separately (like QWOP) to smash an enemy or avoid a trap.

Rockin' Road

Off-road RoadRash-like motorcycle simulator.

Rogue Grinders

Mobile roguelite with pixel graphics and turn-based battles. Playing one of five characters, the player has to go through 15 random levels.


Geometric puzzle about cubes, rotations and unpredictable buttons. And teleports.

SACRALITH: The Archer`s Tale

Bow and arrow shooter in VR. A breathtaking story in a world of dark magic and Inquisition.

Sanator: Scarlet Scarf

Dive into the dark mysteries of a dying city with the fate of Sanator Rikhard Murdoch in your hands.


ScrapBot is an adventure game with focus on exploration and realistic interactions. Puzzles awaits you on a mysterious abandon Space ship.

Secret Government

Strategic, conspiracy game about secret societies.

Shoot, Reload, Die Out

Tactical game with local multyplayer , where players control squards of dinos, who died out because of love to shoot.


SHTF is a multiplayer role-based survival action game.

Sin Slayers

SinSlayers is a turn-based roguelite game about the fight of the sinners with their sins with elements of dungeon crawler.

Slide Arena

Mobile roguelike arena with synchronous PvP and deckbuilding. Session time 2-5 min.

Space Blasterds

Sharp and furious AR shooter full of monsters, bosses, various weaponry, reckless drive and challenge.

Spirit Riders

The competitive run`n`gun with battler upgrade system. Riders fight where worlds collide. Stop the war between two worlds!

Square Fast

Fast hardcore rhythm game where you have to defeat different enemies using only two buttons

Steampunk Tower 2

Steampunk Tower 2 is a unique action-strategy game set in the alternative Steampunk universe.

Stones Of Engar

A completely new mix between «3 in a row» and 2048 game. Merge stones with just one swipe!


Strongblade is a match-3 adventure of a brave mouse who gathers a band of heroes and builds a camp in each region he visits.

S.U.N.R.I.S.E.: Will Be Tomorrow

This game is about adventure, puzzles, time and detective Gustav Blant. He must to find truth!

Super ABC Learning games for kids

Learning to read is extremely interesting and very exciting with Super-fun game.

Sushi Ride

Feed cute monsters sushi to make them happy!

Techwars Online 2

Techwars Online 2 is the world’s first isometric MMO mecha-action with direct control.


The music powered beat 'em up game. Follow the rhythm of music to defeat the security systems that keep any sound from the society!

Tesla 2040

Tactical Co-op Top-Down Shooter

The Basics Of Sacred Geometry

The Basics Of Sacred Geometry is a game about interactive 3D graphics and Unreal Engine 4 made by using engine content and engine tools only

The Executioner

The Executioner puts you in the shoes of a man who tortures people for a living while trying to retain his own sanity.

The Fixies

it's made for kids with cartoon "The Fixies". Have fun and learn about different objects, like radio or TV.

The Last Warrior: Heroes

This story is set ten years before the events of the Disney movie "The Last Warrior" took place.

The Light

A colorful physics based platformer. Fill strange worlds with light. Easy to play, hard to master. You can't lose, you can only surrender.

The Plant

The interractive visual novell about a plant wich speak with a scientist

The Sectret Ties of Strandcliff

Narrative game with nonlinear story and detective elements

The Tavern of Magic

The Tavern of Magic is a virtual reality spell-slinging game.

Tower Rush

Your tower is your home! Build an army and protect it. Attack the towers of other online players from around the world!

Train Valley 2

Drive forward the industrial revolution in our train tycoon puzzle game!


The Russian Empire, 1851. A police officer travels from Petersburg into Siberia to unveil the mystery of a deserted village… If he survives.


Action-adventure game about a lonely kid exploring a vast derelict city.

War Cars Online Battle

Online f2p mobile action. Team battles on cars with guns

War Street

Realtime PvP Strategy game, inspired by classical PC RTS, but optimised for mobile with vertical screen and short session.


Fast and furious real-time tank battles in post-apocalyptic world! Surrounded by zombies and under enemy fire, how hunger for life you are?


The self-taught fox tries to enter the coop.He doesnt know about the location of the defenders,but he remembers when and where he got caught


"Hackerman!" - is the most common comment. Surfing through the hyperspace with shooting and dumb story like in strange old action movies.

while True: learn()

Simulator of a machine learning specialist who uses visual programming to make his and his cat's living. Learn how machine learning works.

Wild Card

Multiplayer western standoff card game. Challenge your friend in a death match. It's all about your reaction. Shoot or die!

Wonder Cat

Platformer. With a Wonder Cat.

World of Zombies: Defense

Try your best survival skill after world dying cataclysm, kill zombies, be the hero and do what you must to do

Zombie Bowman

Fight zombies in the new exciting bowman genre game! Aim for the zombie head!