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The “1917” is a psychological horror with the elements of escape room. All events are occur during the October Revolution in 1917.

Against The Moon

Against The Moon is a tactical rogue-like deck-builder with endless ways to customize your strategy.

Age of Colors

A casual puzzle game where players fill the map with one color. Games with such mechanics are known as "filler" or "color flood".


Story about girl Ami. She ride on her bike in dying world.

As One

A multiplayer game where the player controls a squad of skilled warriors and meet enemies with good old steel and magic in the epic battles.

Augmented Remote Control

It is an application-technology which allows to connect to any game which support it and provides a custom developer-specified interface.

Axilon: Legend of artifacts

Axilon: Legend of artifacts is a first-person fantasy game with a non-target combat system.


Dive into a post-apocalyptic world with Isometric Action-MMORPG. Try to survive in barren among another players.


Action-RPG is inspired by the Zelda series!

Between Realms

Between Realms is action/adventure PC game in sci fi setting, telling a story about adventures of female scientist in a distant future.

Black Skylands

Top down shooter with open world and flights between a hundred floating islands.

Black Snow AR: Shooting game

Aliens have invaded the Earth, and you can see them only through your phone! It's up to you to save the human race!

Bloodbath Requiem

The sequel of Bloodbath Kavkaz, offers players same things, but bigger and better. The new story and frantic gameplay in genre TDS.

Book of admirals

Roguelite space battles, managed by cards.


Experience secrets and desolation at the abandoned station listening to the radio receiver in search of the mysterious number stations.


Sandbox economic simulation game about class struggle.


Casual game based on cars, physics and delivery. Try to reach the finish and not to lose all the stuff in your truck.

Cats vs Pigs: Battle Arena

Fun competitive asynchronous multiplayer action game with humorous setting, cute graphics and exciting a-la Angry Birds shooting controls.


CaL is a fun arcade mobile game where your chameleon eats little bugs and beetles while discovering the story of becoming a Great Shaman.

Clean Fish

Help fish to clean the ocean! It's harder than you think. Push the garbage out of the water and do not fall away Different skins and enemies

Cold War Game

Wargame strategy at the times of Cold War

Color Ground 3D

Game t in the style of this games: - The mechanics are similar to Roller Splat! and Balls Out 3D; - Balls drawing gameplay with fun gameplay

Command & Control 3

Tactical RTS about modern urban warfare. The player assumes the role of commander of several squads to capture a specific goal in the town.

Cursed Blade

Mobile RPG-Slasher.

Cyber Rogue

Battle as the lone rebel trying to defeat mighty corporations. Loot guns, abilities, and augmentations. Challenge bosses and defeat them.


Simulator of a spaceship - bee hive with resource management

Dark Chess

Test your skill and luck in chess with fog of war. New dimension of gameplay to the well-known game.


Space RTS game with fast and dynamic gameplay. Non-typical economy, flying bases and simple base management are the main features.

Deck of Ashes

Deck of Ashes is an adventure game with tactical card combat. One character at a time, lead the cast of antiheroes on a quest for redemption


DRAW CHILLY is a hell of an arcade game about Vladimir, his squad, Purgatory, and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Elinor Defense

This is a strategic based survival, single player game. Main features: economy visualisation with indirect management, massive battles.

Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG

Make decisions, fight, study anomalies, survive, craft and find equipment in the anomalous Zone under the Dome.

Enter the Dungeon

Dungeon crawler with random generated maze. Avoid deadly traps, fearsome ghost and try to escape with treasure from grim, dark dungeon.

Epic Islands

Epic Island is a F2P 4X mobile strategy. The player should develop own Empire on Islands with limited resources and defend from invaders.

Evac to Earth

A tower defense + 2d-shooter platformer about surviving on Mars.


A fast-paced Sci-Fi shooter based on tank warfare on the vast areas of Mars.

Flea Madness

Online game where you can fight with alien fleas. Eat enemies, get stronger and become the winner! Rules are simple and mad at the same time

Flippin Kaktus

Brutal 2D action-driven adventure featuring wacky punk with rage outbreaks, that defies vicious cartel to save his foster family

Fruit Guillotine

In this game you can cut many fruits. 2D graphics with bright Fruit Guillotine sound give you an unforgettable experience.

Funny Bunny Swipe the ball

Physic based puzzle. The goal - to get the ball in the hat.

Get access

Get aCC_e55 is a isometric puzzle quest with pleasant, cozy atmosphere and with the mechanics of room rotation, room escape.

Godlike Burger

Our game puts you in the shoes of one crazy chef who makes the best burgers in the Universe. Secret ingredient? The clients themselves!


The prodigal son of Mad Max and Zelda. Action RPG on wheels where you tear singing hearts of your relatives out from bosses.


In Hattori, a ninja ARPG centred around intense, tactile PvP combat, players are invited to prove their metal in deadly shuriken duels.


Hydropunk is an original action-adventure game set in the peculiar world of hydro-powered machinery.


Arcade dungeon top-down shooter, toon, bright. Control the game with only one finger, use vast of weapons, abilities, be a Hero.

Imperiums: Greek Wars

Historical 4X turn-based strategy game set in time of Philip II of Macedon

Jelly Jam

New kind of matching puzzle game.

Jelly Slide

Speed up jelly to avoid obstacles and reach the finish line! Simple and hyper casual!

Juicy Edge

Greedy food longs for you, but you know what to do: buy new weapons, unlock areas, and slice them as much as you can. Let's make it juicy!

Julia Made a Labyrinth

3d Shooter in cardboard ever-changing supernatural world, threatened by booby traps and pursued by a bloodthirsty Minotaur.


Join brave sir Lootalot on his epic quest in this little humorous Zelda-lite adventure that will test your might and wits.

Knightmare Lands

Top-down action RPG with cartoon look and fantasy theme. Player is controlling a group of 4 Heroes and fight against tons of enemies!


A fun VR multiplayer where up to 30 players can use their catapult to shoot atoms and knock their opponents off a futuristic rooftop.

Logic Club

Train your brain with fun! A lot of fun tasks are waiting you! Solve them and earn stars. Play fun logic games.

Mad Rider

Dynamic hyper-casual game about driving cool cars on populated highways and beautiful locations

Magic Defence

Player needs to match the spell`s color and the monster's color to kill monsters. Controller by Tap/Swipe. Player must gain better score.


Exciting new match-3 game! Help the Young Fairy to restore the destroyed magic world travelling from one episode to another!

Make Your Kingdom

Low poly town building game. Your goal is to build a settlement and track the citizens’ needs.

MechCube: Escape

MechCube is a set of puzzles about secrets of the universe, mysterious objects and terrible traps.

Mountain Home

Mountain Home is a pilgrimage game where you along with monk and poet by the name of Saigyo will traverse medieval Japan.

My Wellness Story

My Wellness Story is a match 3 mobile F2P game. Travel, improve your estate, develop your character and live a full and healthy life.

Need for Spirit: Drink & Drive Simulator

Abysmal roads aside, the biggest enemy will be your very own addiction to the booze you’re transporting.

Neko Treasure Pirates

Catch catgirls, steal treasures, fight pirates in open-world light-hearted action-adventure inspired by Sid Meier's Pirates!

No Rails

No Rails is a hyper-casual game for Android and VK Direct. In No Rails, you need to put rails on the way of train, collect coins


Exploration game which takes place in your mind. And on your desk too.

On Air

ON AIR is a game in the genre of SURVIVAL HORROR with Sci-fi elements written in the first person. You are to explore every corner of the gl

Plumber Jack

Classic pixel art 2D platform game about cleaning sewage from mutant mushrooms


Adventure platformer about Potata's travel in fairy forest. Reveal all secrets and hidden treasures and don't forget to save the world.

Project: School

Open-world magic school, explore the secret passages and uncover dark secrets of the school and its residents.

Puzzle Pets Story

A story about a little girl and her older brother, who set off on the adventure in search of their missing father. unique connection match3

Puzzle Squad

Mobile puzzle quest game with RPG in setting of a cyber post-apocalypse. The combat is carried out by solving a unique puzzle (not Match-3).

Quasar VR

Team PVP game for VR

R.A.C.E. - Rocket Arena Car Extreme

Monster trucks and deadly race with rockets and crushes. Three classes of cars with unique superpowers. Survive in the arena!

Ragtag Crew

Roguelite game about a team of misfits traveling through the deadly wasteland. Hard tactical battles and colourful text events included!


Shake your cell phone so that the machine goes.


A retro-futuristic action-adventure where you play as Reach — an artificial intelligence trapped in a human body.


Dynamic physic puzzle about shooting at bottles

Royal Merchant

Blending together traditional RPG systems, tycoon mechanics, and a fantasy world. You will manage a team of Heroes, Crafters and Own Castle.


Roll the rubber and have fun. Rubber now! Rubber Go!

Sapper Knight

Dungeon crawler mixed with minesweeper.


Old-man's sorrow adventure, inspired by the era of post-expressionism, in a mixed setting of Ancient Russia, Iceland and Fantasy.

Servant of the People

"Servant of the People" is a game mixing a simulator of a politician and a non-linear visual novel.

Shadows of Solomon

Blend of Silent Hill and Sunless Sea with water magic and monster-bosses. Would you understand them, or would you become a monster yourself?

Shoot Master!

Fun addictive hypercasual ball shooting game.

Sin Slayers

Sin Slayers is an RPG with roguelike elements set in a dark fantasy world.

Singular Space

Glorious battles of space fleets in real-time PvP strategy.

Sky Food

Endless plane runner with real world like controlling mechanic

Smoking Shells

Smoking Shells is a twin stick shooter game in which a player controls a squad of mercenaries and performs various military missions.

Song Investigations

Not all crimes are solved by hard-boiled cops. Sometimes only P.I. hackers can get to the truth. Unless they need to go places.

Spark in the Dark

The hardcore dark fantasy RPG where you will go to the endless depths of the mysterious grim dungeon.

Squad K: Zombie Danger

Arcade levels with infinite amount of zombies from which we should get rid off

Super WorldBox

Super Worldbox is a god simulator and ultimate sandbox game. Create your own world, fill it with life and watch it prosper or destroy it!

Survival stars

Dynamic moba battle royale with main features like short sessions, cool hero-based skills, different weapons, enemy npc for fun and looting


A dystopian multiplayer rogue-lite set in unwelcoming ocean depths.

Terra Solitaire

A solitaire card game in which an alien uses her psi-powers to make fantasy creatures battle each other.

The Battle Run

A multiplayer real time PvP runner. Fight a free for all 4 player battle in a classic casual runner game.

The Great Perhaps

The Great Perhaps is a time travel puzzle game about an astronaut who returns to the desolated Earth and finds a magical lantern.

The Karst

This post-apocalyptic roguelike RPG with elements of management and survival will make you feel like you rescuing the world.

The Lost Melody

The Lost Melody is an adventure mixed art-style game focused on narrative, story and exploration.

The Serpent Rogue

A sandbox game set in the Middle Ages. Craft potions, tame beasts, k̵i̵l̵l̵ cure settlers using genetic engineering mechanics.

The Unrest Age

The Unrest Age - an Action - RPG in the large open world of Russia of the early 17th century. The whole amazing world right in your pocket.

Time Hero

Fantasy adventure game with metroidvania mechanics and where time - is your life.

Time Of The Sword

Action-based third person adventure game based on Russian folk stories and myths.


Tohu is a classic Point & Click adventure game. You will go on a strange, deep and reflective adventure.

TRIGON: Space Story

Hardcore Space Roguelike With Cooperative and Roleplay. Similair To "Faster Then Light". Our Own FTL With Cooperative And Roleplay.

TRIZ - Sacred Geometry Puzzles

Art Objects of Tangled Geometry, with experimental game mechanics, change the Form and Color, gradually immersing in the World of Meditation

Under Black Flag

Pirate roleplay game


Non-linear 2D platformer about tyrant cats, Liberator Dogs, grabbing and throwing items, shaking out coins and flying out of a cannon.


Unfold is a puzzle game for mobile devices. Each level represents a unique location. First, the player will have to explore the game space

Urban Samurai

Geolocation CCG Fighting


Ved is a interactive story combined with a vivid platform game, where each decision means as 'little' as it does in the real life.

Wake The Dragon

Wake the Dragon is a TDS with pixel graphics, black humor, tons of blood and full destruction capabilities in Asian decorations.

Wanderlust Travel Stories

Wanderlust Travel Stories is a text-based adventure game inspired by real-life travels.

Welcome to Emba

Adventure game: the protagonist decides to meet a lover who landed on an old base on the eve of the hallucinogenic phase of the planet.


4X-strategy game with a procedural world and a complete customization factions


Withstand is action survival game, with seamless open world, where you need to complete quests, craft, explore locations and fight enemies.

Worm Whole

Casual arcade game for mobile platforms about a worm running from flood. Mix of runner game and classic snake mechanics.

Wow Dog Show

Dog sim in fairytale world with a dog show competition. In a future it will be nintendogs for mobile with strong competitive mode.

Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival

3D racing action in the world of zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Falls

Survive and kill zombies, explore lots of locations and find out the reason of an Apocalypse. Try to change world's fate and not to die.

Zoo Economy

Animals are your currency. Breed, Exchange, Repeat. Play through historic puzzle-like missions or play sandbox with fully customizable rules