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A Friend of Mine

Puzzle physics-based platformer with blueprint visual style. Every level is a composition of logic, art and atmosphere for full immersion


A point-and-click horror-adventure game about childhood of post-soviet kids in 1990’s Russia — a space where no one can hear your scream.

Elteria Adventures

Dive into the world full of floating islands and wondrous creatures. Elteria Adventures is an action-adventure MMO with many unique features


A fast-paced Sci-Fi shooter based on tank warfare on the vast areas of Mars.

Fashion Stories

Stories of a young girl from a province who came to conquer the heights of fashion in a big city and found own fashion house.

Floppy Knights

Floppy Knights is a deck-building, sword-swinging, tactical adventure where tangible projections are summoned from floppy disks!

R.A.C.E. - Rocket Arena Car Extreme

Monster trucks and deadly race with rockets and crushes. Three classes of cars with unique superpowers. Survive in the arena!


Side-view multiplayer plane dogfight in Soviet dieselpunk setting with fun arcady physics, interactive levels and madskillz gameplay.

The Keeper of the Swords

Dark Fantasy RPG game for a 3rd person. It is Based on the Novel, "The Birth of a Magician", the famous Science Fiction writer Nick Perumov.


Tohu is a classic Point & Click adventure game. You will go on a strange, deep and reflective adventure.