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Portal for the DevGAMM conference game activities

For Developers

Using one form you can submit your game for one or several activities for the DevGAMM conference.
You need to have a PRO ticket to make a submission.

There’s one deadline for all game activities: April 15.

  • Before submitting, you need to have a build, gameplay video and a ticket for DevGAMM Conference 2021.
  • Some activities are public - keep that in mind while submitting your game.
  • Public Pitch, Review sessions, and Streaming Showcase have limited amount of slots.
  • Please, fill out your correct contact details.
  • Checklist for Games Hub submission

DevGAMM Awards

DevGAMM Awards is a prestigious game competition within DevGAMM conference. All judges are the gaming industry professionals. The event is held twice a year.

Showcases: Virtual & Streaming

Take part in Virtual showcase at DevGAMM and present your game to other conference participants. Apply for Streaming Showcase and look at your game through the eyes of streamers.

Public Pitch

Public Pitch is a new online activity at DevGAMM for pitching games live at the show.

Game Reviews

We are bringing you Game Design, Art and Marketing Review formats. Each will feature several games from Games Hub submissions with in-depth review from game industry experts in those fields.

Subscribe if you do not want to miss the deadlines

For Publishers and Investors

If you are a publisher or investor, then you can take part in Public Pitch, join the Publisher Сafe or become a judge at the DevGAMM Awards. Please fill out the form:

For Game Industry Professionals

For each DevGAMM Awards we invite game industry professionals to participate in the evaluation of projects through our automated judging system. For instance, artists, game designers, narrative designers, programmers, producers, testers, publishers, journalists, CEOs of gaming companies and so on.

If you care about game industry and games, if you have been working for over 3 years — become a judge for DevGAMM Awards and help us decide which game wins!

Awards Platinum Sponsors

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, currently the prize fund of the DevGAMM Awards is $30,000! This sum will be distributed among the winners of all categories.

Would you like to top up the prize fund and support the developers? You can become an honorary sponsor of the DevGAMM Awards! Please, contact us via email.

Сhoose activities for your game

Stage of Development DevGAMM Awards Showcases Reviews Public Pitch
Game is Released
(less than 1 year before submission deadline)
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Game is Complete
or at Alpha\Beta Stage
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Game is a Prototype No Maybe Maybe Maybe
I have a game idea
or game design document
No No No Maybe